Thursday, February 24, 2005

Tsunami, earthquake, mudslide, flood

From GeoBandy

I’ve lost count now…how many millions, public and private, will the United States be pouring into tsunami relief? Any figures yet on what we’ll be sending to Iran for this earthquake? Anybody remember how many millions we contributed after the last Iranian earthquake? Or the flooding in Bangladesh?

The Mayor of Los Angeles is requesting President Bush and Governor Schwarzenegger declare the city and county a disaster area because of flooding and mudslides.

Heard about all that aid being offered by the international community? Me neither. And where’s the U.N., just declared “indispensable to humanity” by Kofi Annan? They were quick to demand that they take over administration of the tsunami relief effort, despite the fact that their “officials” hadn’t even started holding meetings in resort hotels yet, while Australian and U.S. military forces, and USAid officials, were already operating hospitals, helicoptering supplies to remote areas and organizing relief convoys…for which the U.N. folks, miles away in a swanky hotel, tried to take credit.

But we must make allowances for the U.N. They were probably still busy trying to sort out all that emergency relief assistance they contributed to the Ohio valley flooding this winter…or maybe all worn out from their massive effort on behalf of the victims of the serial hurricanes in Florida.

Not sure whom it is that Kofi thinks would perish without the “indispensable to humanity” U.N. Oh, wait, he must mean the victims of genocide in Rwanda and Darfur. No, wait, they DID perish…and are STILL perishing in Darfur. Maybe he means the women and children of the Congo and Bosnia. No, wait, it’s the U.N. peacekeepers who are sexually abusing those folks. Wait, I’ve got it…he means France! The U.N. is indispensable to France in its efforts to continue the pretense that France is a world power. Oh yeah, and Saddam Hussein…the U.N. was indispensable to his efforts to stay in power and starve his people to death while he built palaces and stole billions from the U.N. oil-for-food program.

Aside from the Saudi prince whose check was unceremoniously returned when he said he wanted to help the 9/11 victims, but it was their own government’s fault because of its support for Israel, can you remember the last time the “international community” lifted a finger to help Americans in a time of disaster?

The international "community" is more like a family…a family of spoiled brats standing there with their hands out for their allowance while living in Dad’s basement and running their mouths about what a jerk Dad is. Maybe its time for Dad to put his wallet away and tell the children to stop taking advantage, get out of the house, and grow up.


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