Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Man mistaken for deer, left dead on roadside for days

Now here's a gruesome little news item for you:

FRANKLIN, Pa. -- Pennsylvania police said a man who died after being struck by a vehicle may have been left on a roadside for days because his body was apparently mistaken for a dead deer.

Police said the man was found on Monday by a motorist, who at first thought the man was a deer because of tan clothing and snow that covered part of his body.

The motorist realized the man wasn't a deer after noticing his shoes.

Authorities believe that many others drove past the body, assuming it was a deer. Police said the man was a passenger in a vehicle that wrecked last Friday.

Police said he'd been walking along the road when he was hit and killed by another vehicle.

Maybe the hit-skip driver who hit and killed him and then left the scene and never reported it also thought he was a deer. Right? Yeah, sure.


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