Friday, April 29, 2005

"Happy Slapping" spreads among British kids

Everybody has a camera phone now, right? Well, everybody but me, anyway. British teens, and even pre-teens, have found a fun new use for the popular gizmos. It’s known as “Happy Slapping”:

But now there's a disturbing new trend emerging with the way some teens overseas are using these phones to videotape themselves slapping innocent bystanders.

Indications that "happy-slapping" may be spreading. British transport police investigating 200 incidents in the last six months.

Most, they say, go unreported.

The attackers then upload the video straight from the phone and onto the web, where there are dozens of images of slap-hapless victims.

Authorities say the craze was born in the club music scene, before catching on in school playgrounds.

I can see only one way to deal with this strange craze. I’m going to start a fund to send British kids to France for their summer vacation.


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