Friday, May 20, 2005

Presidential Social Security Soundbites

"[I]f you don't do anything, one of two things will happen. Either it will go broke and you won't ever get it, or if we wait too long to fix it, the burden on society...of taking care of our generation's Social Security obligations will lower your income and lower your ability to take care of your children...[It] would be horribly wrong and unfair to you and unfair to the future prospects of the United States." PRESIDENT CLINTON, GEORGETOWN, FEB. 9, 1998

"Perhaps our greatest opportunity and our greatest obligation at this moment is to save Social Security...It would be unconscionable if we failed to act, and act now..." PRESIDENT CLINTON, TOWN HALL MEETING, KANSAS CITY, APRIL 7, 1998

Remember now, boys and girls, the official Democrat position today is that "there is no crisis". Perhaps one of them could explain to me exactly what happened between 1998 and today to solve the problems they saw in 1998.

Originally posted at GeoBandy, 5/2/2005.


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